It’s important to keep an experienced voice in Senate District 6.


The issues may change, but one thing doesn’t – I will continue to listen to your concerns and comments, then serve you with integrity.

That’s my promise to you.

Less Regulations

Wayne Harper believes that less business regulations makes it easier for the economy to grow.

Funding Education

Wayne Harper fights for funding for smaller class sizes, higher teacher pay, and sufficient supplies in each classroom.

Transportation Projects

Wayne Harper secured funding for the Mountain View Corridor and the I-15 rebuild.  He is actively working with our local communities for transit needs.


Wayne Harper believes that the people closest to the issue often have the best solutions. He wants to hear from you!

The best way to spur economic growth is to let families and businesses keep and spend more of their own money in the way they see fit. That is why I am committed to end burdensome regulations which stifle new business and job growth.

I believe that the primary function of government is to protect our families. I support parents in their primary role to raise their children and will continue to sponsor and vote for family friendly bills.

We must continue to involve parents in the education process while addressing innovative ways to reward great teachers, decrease class sizes and increase cost-effective technology.

I have always believed that the people closest to the issue often have the best solutions. I want to hear from you to make sure your voice can be heard on Capitol Hill.